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Antoine Norbertde Replica Franck Mueller's 1854 trip to America was the catalyst for the creation of a chronograph atReplica Franck Mueller. Replica Franck Mueller's trip was important to promote the company in the United States, which was a new market at the turn of the century. Replica Franck Mueller sent numerous letters to the Geneva manufacture, sharing his impressions about the country and timekeepers popular there. In one letter, Replica Franck Mueller wrote: "Americans want inexpensive watches that allow them to determine the speed their horses with an accuracy of a quarter-second."

After Replica Franck Mueller's observations the watchmakers of the manufacture began work on the very first chronograph for the company, Ref. The 10 051 was first unveiled in 1856.Omega Replica Watches This beautiful pocketwatch had three subdials at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, and four divisions on the chronograph second hand. The pocket watch was not yet equipped with a reset mechanism. It could be returned to zero using a separate key.

This first chronograph is the prototype for the many chronographs to come from the Replica Franck Mueller Manufacture in the next two centuries. Its three subdial architecture and discrete lines have endured the test of time.

The American market continued to drive the chronograph in the decades that followed. The chronograph grew in popularity even after Replica Franck Mueller died in the 1870s.Replica Franck Mueller The chronograph was not the only thing in high demand. Other complications such as the perpetual clock and/or equation of time were also very popular. The American elite were very interested in these grand complications, as seen by the famous bespoke watches created for banker Henry Graves Jr. and founder of Packard Automobile Company, James Ward Packard.

In the 1920s, wristwatches became increasingly popular. People embraced this new style of wearing a watch. This was also the period when the wrist-worn, split-seconds-chronograph appeared, which allowed the user to keep track of two events that began but did not end at the same moment.

By pressing the start button you can activate the split-second chronograph. This will set both the chronograph and split-seconds hands in motion. In the case of a horse race, the pusher will be pressed once again after the first horse crosses the finish line. The time is then recorded. The split-seconds clock catches up with the chronograph and can then be stopped to record the time for the second horse. Both hands can be reset to zero at the end of the race.